STELLA = “Science, Technology, and Engineering Library Leaders in Action”

Smile and say “STELLAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Hello from many (but not all) of the happy STELLA 2012 attendees! To read notes from STELLA 2012 sessions, go to the Meeting Notes page.

Update 11/1/2012: STELLA is on!

Sandy has come and gone, and we hope that everyone is safe and safely sheltered.  Our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by the storm.

After much evaluation and deliberation, the STELLA co-organizers have decided that STELLA will still happen as originally scheduled, on Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10.  We know that Sandy-related damage and aftereffects may prevent some people who wanted to attend from attending, but we agreed that keeping STELLA would probably work better than rescheduling for most attendees.

Regardless of whether you filled out our original attendance survey, if you’d like to attend STELLA, please fill out this very short attendance survey:

For information about the status of various forms of transportation (with helpful colored dots), see:

There is also helpful information here:

Questions? Contact Jill at cirasella [at] or Neil at ndazet [at]


Would you like to meet other enthusiastic and engaged Science/Technology/Engineering/Math-focused librarians and information geeks — professional leaders, researchers, writers, innovators, and all-around awesome colleagues? If yes, then the STELLA Unconference may be for you.

Would you like to take part in talks and presentations that are decided at the time of the conference, instead of watching presentations on topics that were arranged a year or more before the conference? If yes, then the STELLA Unconference may be for you.

Would you like to attend a free unconference where attendees have more avenues for participation? If yes, then the STELLA Unconference may be for you.

Co-organizers of STELLA 2012:
Jeffra Diane Bussmann (California State University, East Bay)
Jill Cirasella (Brooklyn College)
Neil Dazet (Brooklyn College)
Joseph Kraus (University of Denver)
Margaret Smith (NYU)