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1st Poster Session at STELLA

We decided to try a new adventure at this year’s STELLA Unconference: a Poster session!

To mildly follow unconference procedures, this is not a strict peer-review acceptance process. We will essentially be accepting the first 16-20 appropriately themed posters. Primarily we want these posters to be conversation starters around the STELLA theme (science, technology and engineering library leaders in action). How have you been a sci-tech-engr leader in action at your library? Perhaps you have a poster you presented a few years ago that you think it still very relevant today? Or maybe you have a poster you plan to show at an upcoming ALA, SLA, or other professional conference? We want to hear about what you have been doing!

Sign-ups will be start at Monday, March 10 at noon (PST).  Remember, it is first come, first serve, so sign up quickly. The form will close at midnight on Monday, April 7th.

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STELLA 2014 at Stanford University

What is the STELLA Unconference?

STELLA = Science, Technology & Engineering Library Leaders in Action.

An UNCONFERENCE is a facilitated, participant-driven conference where the attendees drive the agenda and freely form new discussions and sub-groups as ideas emerge.

This event is for current or aspiring science, technology, or medical/health librarians.  You’ll get to meet other STEM-focused librarians and information professionals, and get to take part in talks and presentations that are decided at the time of the conference (instead of watching presentations on topics that were arranged a year or more before the conference).

Save the date and RSVP for April 25 & 26, 2014.

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