Digital Bulletin Boards

Facilitator: Helen Josephine
Note-taker: Brian Greene

Digital Boards:

  • Cool Features/Ideas
    • Ability to incorporate feeds (e.g. weather, cover art, Instagram, etc.)
    • Customizable
    • Embed polls/questions
    • Interactive
    • Share content with other locations (e.g. branches)
  • Tools
    • Used by Stanford
    •  Basic digital photo frames with USB ports can be a basic way to get started with digital signage.
  • Some (less obvious) benefits
    •  Opportunities for cross-campus partnerships
    •  Good way to de-clutter an area while still sharing information
  •  Issues
    • Needs to be kept current
    • Needs to be easy to update


Streaming Video:

  • Publishers are adding video content
  • Potential with lab protocols in science settings and social topics in medical libraries
  • One issue is the need/desire to offer streaming video with closed-captioning, yet not all products are captioned.