2014 Transportation

Getting around the Bay Area can be a bit tricky. We do not have the easiest public transportation system. Here is some information that may be useful for you as you plan how you will get around.

Locals: We recommend that you do not drive to campus on Friday. Finding parking is quite difficult. Stanford University provides the  Marguerite Shuttle Bus service for transportation around campus and from the CalTrain station.

Visitor Parking: The closest parking lot to the conference location is PS2.  Visitor parking is $12-$16 per day Mon-Fri. Parking is free on the weekends.

  • Airport
  • Ground Transportation to campus
    • On weekdays, Stanford University provides shuttle bus services (Marguerite line) to campus from the Palo Alto Caltrain station and from the Stanford Guest House (SGH) and Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel.
    • Marguerite Shuttle Bus: Service runs Mon-Fri for all routes.  Limited service on Saturday. The conference location is near the Y2E2 building, which is a stop on the X, Y and SLAC routes.
    • We are making arrangements for Saturday morning ride to campus from SGH.
    • More information about Public Transit can be found at this Stanford site.
  • Biking to campus
    • No charge for bike parking on campus.
    • Word of caution, however, you must park only in designated bike parking areas, use a GOOD lock (an alarming number of bikes are stolen from campus parking areas everyday) and wear your helmet (ditto for an alarming number of bike related injuries).
    • There are bike parking areas near the Huang Engineering Center.
  • Taxi Service
    • Call ahead for a taxi and ask for a pick up at “The Oval” (end of Palm Drive at the Old Quad)
    • Taxi Services that serve campus:
    • Stanford Yellow Cab 1-800-725-1777
    • Airport Cab 650-289-0200